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I am a traditional artist in that I believe drawing, particularly observational location drawing, is a fundamental part of the artist's vocabulary. I often make quick sketches in different media and commit the rest to memory and imagination. Of course recording things photographically provides detailed information but I try not to work directly from photographs. Here is a sample of pages from sketchbooks and 'Teasels' is a drawing from my art college days that I am particularly fond of. At the time it was a big learning curve. I remember a lecturer throwing a cup of coffee over it because she felt I was being too 'tight' and 'reticent'.


When I draw on location I try to capture the things which interest me. It may be an architectural detail, a particular shape or form of foliage, a compositional element like contrast. I use this information in my paintings.

'Teasels' 1972

water based mixed media  

75cm x 105cm

At art college I studied printed textile design. As part of the course, time spent in the plant drawing studio was important. I spent hours in there, also the life drawing studio.  Whilst I had always enjoyed drawing it was this period at college when I learned the discipline of looking, seeing and recording. I have always believed in these skills and done my very best to pass on to students both the necessity of real 'looking' and the pleasure that an artist can gain from such disciplined engagement.

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